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Sixteenth International Office opened by easyDNA

California, US 15/09/2009 –  Leading DNA testing company, easyDNA, has just announced the opening of a sixteenth international regional administration office, thus continuing its expansion policy of offering local outlets for its products rather than centralized offices.

The 16th office is situated in Romania, and very shortly after opening, the office was taking more orders than ever before from this country. The new office is being used to promote products such as DNA Paternity tests, Relationship testing and DNA Forensic tests and is well placed to serve the other countries in the Balkan region.

The company believes that a local representative is an important factor in securing international business, people regarding locals speaking their own language as being more reliable and trustworthy than a foreigner. This is particularly so in relation to DNA testing services which is a major reason for the firm’s regional office policy. Those staffing the office are therefore multilingual and highly trained to provide the scientific and technical advice needed by prospective customers.

This investment in the right people and the best technology should be enough to demonstrate that easyDNA takes customer service very seriously indeed, and just as importantly as the science needed to provide the highest degrees of accuracy in the test results.

The benefit of this office is exemplified by the number of requests for DNA testing services from the other Balkan countries in the region that are handled through the Romanian office.

The other fifteen offices are in the UK, USA (2), Ireland, Canada, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia (2), South Africa, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, India, Nigeria and Mexico.

The Director of Sales and Marketing for easyDNA, Andrew Alexander, commented, “Although we are strongly committed to expansion and growth into new markets, we are careful not to forget that our fundamental principle is to provide the best possible service to every one of our customers at the highest possible quality.

We are therefore committed to ensuring that all clients are able to access a local office where they can speak to staff and have their concerns discussed in their own language. Each easyDNA office is staffed by people that are multilingual, and we can offer our customers the facility of speaking in number of languages so as to provide them with the best possible service.

We will continue our expansion strategy into and beyond 2010.”



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