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Animal Tests


EasyDNA is a trusted, leading genetic testing company and offers a range of animal DNA testing services. The tests include a comprehensive number of services including tests for cats, dogs and birds. The variety of animal DNA tests can be used by professional breeders, veterinarians and any dog or cat owner interested in getting to know more about their pet’s genetic heritage/ parentage or health.

Animal Tests

Dog DNA Tests

Our Dog DNA tests can help you determine your dog’s breed, parentage, genetic predisposition to disease and much more. Choose from the canine tests we offer.

from $69

Animal Tests

Cat DNA Tests

Our CatDNA tests can help you determine your cat’s diseases and much more. Choose from the canine tests we offer.

from $60

Animal Tests

Horse DNA Tests

Learn much more than you already know about your horse and make better decisions backed by scientific data. Choose the horse DNA test kit that meets your horse’s needs!

from $65

Animal Tests

Avian DNA Sexing

Avian DNA based sexing is the ultimate in testing for birds. Distinguishing male from female birds is notoriously difficult. Unlike mammals, the physical characteristics which distinguish male and female birds are very subtle or altogether absent.

from $21 (min 5 birds)


Our sample collection kit, used for both legal and home paternity testing, will enable collection of cheek cell samples using sterile oral swabs (note that prenatal testing is an exception and is done using blood samples).

The procedure is done in a matter of seconds and is absolutely painless. We encourage using oral swab samples where possible as we have a very high probability of successful DNA extraction with these samples. If you are unable to provide us with oral swabs, then you might want to consider our forensic DNA testing services for forensic samples as an alternative.

We offer home, legal testing, prenatal testing as well as immigration testing for paternity. EasyDNA has completed successfully more than 300,000 tests in our 10 years of experience.

The paternity test laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited. Your user-friendly, home DNA sample collection kit is sent to your preferred address. Kits can be posted anywhere in the UK, including Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Results are sent by email.

Our home DNA test starts from as little as £99. This all inclusive cost covers:

Your complete, user-friendly, home DNA sample collection kit sent to your preferred address. We can post your kit anywhere in the UK, including Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Analysis of your DNA samples in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Your results (EasyDNA sends results by email. Hard copies can be sent at a small additional cost).

There are NO EXTRA FEES.

EasyDNA carries out many of its paternity tests without the mother’s sample. However, we urge our clients to send the mother’s DNA sample when and if she is available. This will help us give you results with a higher of probability of paternity. Testing of the mother comes at no additional charge. Read more information about testing the mother’s sample.

To be noted that the NHS does not provide free paternity DNA testing.

Under section 45 of the Human Tissue Act it is an offence to take any human tissue or DNA sample from a person without their qualifying consent. The person from whom the sample is taken must also be made aware of what that DNA sample or human tissue will be used for.

This law applies to the whole of the UK. Please ask us if you need any more information on the Human Tissue Act.

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