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easyDNA Expansion Program leads to Marked Sales Increase

A worldwide expansion policy over the past year has seen top DNA testing firm easyDNA increase sales significantly and beyond its projections.

NEVADA, USA 31/01/2010 –  Leading DNA paternity testing firm, easyDNA, has reported a higher than expected sales growth over the past year.  The increase in sales has been attributed to the firm’s worldwide expansion program that involved opening 16 regional offices in 14 different countries.

The Director of Business Development stated that “The Company has experienced outstanding growth over the past twelve months.  The firm has had make a heavy investment in human resources to manage the sixteen administration regional offices that are now operating worldwide. A management team was recruited in order to make sure that, in spite of our rapid growth, we do not lose sight of the excellent standards of customer service that were developed within these offices in order to enable this fantastic growth rate to be established and our current reputation to be earned.

The easyDNA Sales and Marketing Director, Andrew Alexander, stated that one of the major strategies was their expansion into markets that previously had poor or no access to DNA testing facilities for the public such as India, Mexico and Nigeria, and that by investing in local offices for these countries residents could now have their relationship questions answered, but more importantly for the company, it was an expansion that brought new sales.

He commented that “an investment in human resources, particularly in trained key management personnel for the new regional offices an also in improvements to internal processes and procedures and to support for test providers such as clinics, hospitals and others, also resulted in an improved service to clients. Customer service is the key particularly when dealing with the public.”

The DNA tests offered by easyDNA include DNA Relationship testing, DNA Forensic Testing and DNA Paternity Testing, and each of these can be offered with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Our results are confidential between the company and the client, and the equipment we use is state-of-the-art genetic identification analytical equipment. Our quality systems and procedures have been audited and are accredited to the standards of ISO 17025, inferring a high degree of accuracy.



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