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In the Media


The-SunSUN Article – January 17th, 2013

SUN writer takes EasyDNA genetic test that reveals most likely health risks in her future through the scanning of DNA markers. Click here to find out the results!



bbc1Silent Witness – BBC One UK Drama

Popular drama based on a team of forensic pathologists, trying to uncover the truth behind murders. EasyDNA provided consultancy on the presentation and a DNA paternity test result in lieu of an upcoming episode involving such a test. Click here to see the video!


bbcEastenders – BBC UK Soap Opera – September 2011

One of the UK’s most popular soap operas and top rated TV programmes in Britain. Produced by the BBC, it has been running since 1985 and has a viewership running into millions. EasyDNA provided consultancy on a recent DNA storyline including DNA test formatting and testing services for an upcoming episode. Click here to see the video!



radio1BBC Radio Kent – EasyDNA Interview – Nov. 11 2009

Click here to listen to audio!




radio1BBC Humberside – The Peter Levy Show

EasyDNA Interview – Feb. 1 2011. Click here to listen to audio!




channel 5 logo Home and Away – Australian Soap Opera

Home and Away is Australia’s second-longest-running drama and most popular soap opera on Australian television. It also has a worlwide viewership. EasyDNA were asked to provide one of their paternity testing kits to be used in one of the episodes.Click here to view video!

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