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easyDNA Opens Subsidiary Office in Mexico

The leading DNA testing company easyDNA has expanded its operations into Mexico with the opening of a subsidiary in Mexico City.

NEVADA, USA 01/09/2009 – easyDNA, the prominent DNA testing company that is becoming increasingly international has announced its expansion into Mexico by opening a subsidiary in the country’s capital from which to offer its range of DNA testing services to Mexico.

The unit administrator is not only a Mexican with expertise in genetics, but has also been highly trained in the subject in the USA with work experience in American and other Latin countries. In this way the company has not only ensured the office to be staffed by a trained professional in DNA testing, but also a native speaker with a local knowledge of the market, and who is able to advise potential clients on the firm’s portfolio of familial verification tests.

According to the firm’s Sales and Marketing Director, Andrew Alexander, the initial results have been extremely encouraging. He stated that the original belief that Mexicans would be happy to order their DNA testing kits from across the border in the USA was misplaced, and that they preferred by far to speak to a local sales office.

“A local office is preferred by most potential customers, and this new office has led to our success here. DNA testing is often very stressful and emotional and people prefer to speak to a local, and they feel more at ease when ordering from a local office in their own language and paying with their own currency. It all helps to make people feel happier about ordering a paternity test, and in the long run this should lead to the success of the venture. We are now keenly anticipating expanding our services throughout the region.”

The DNA tests offered by easyDNA include DNA Paternity Testing, DNA Relationship Testing and DNA Forensic Tests though a worldwide network of 16 local administration offices.  Tests are not only reliable and the results confidential, but the quality systems used by easyDNA have been audited and have received accreditation to the quality standards of ISO 17025. The genetic identification equipment used is of the highest possible quality, and the results of the highest possible accuracy.



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