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easyDNA Announces Rapid Increase in Sales in Africa

easyDNA, a leading DNA testing firm, has announced that due to a rapid growth of demand for its DNA testing services in many African countries, the company will continue to expand its presence on the continent.

NEVADA, USA 12/07/2009 –  The decision by easyDNA, the prominent international DNA testing firm, to expand its presence in Africa to Nigeria and the Congo has been justified by a pronounce upsurge in orders for their services.

easyDNA already had an office in Johannesburg, South Africa, that had been receiving inquiries for their services from all over Africa, and was becoming too small to handle the volume of orders. Most of these were for the standard DNA Paternity Testing; although there had been inquiries regarding the more advanced DNA Forensic Testing including such queries from local authorities.

To date, the firm has provided services for clients in a number of African countries such as South Africa of course, Botswana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Congo and Kenya. The company intends to make expansion into other African countries over the next year.

Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Alexander, stated, “These clients had previously to be serviced from our Johannesburg office in South Africa, but due to the increase in sales we decided to expand further and set up offices in Congo and Nigeria.

We have now entered into discussion with the authorities to expand even further into the continent so that we can offer other African countries the same excellent level of service that we currently offer in South Africa and the rest of the world.”

easyDNA are specialists in providing accurate and reliable DNA Relationship Testing, DNA Paternity Testing and DNA Forensic Testing to the private and public sectors from 16 offices worldwide with total confidentiality.  Our testing facilities are accredited to the standards of ISO 17025, guaranteeing the high quality of our DNA testing procedures, and our genetic fingerprinting equipment is also of the highest technological standard.



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