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easyDNA Boosts Management Team Internationally

The leading DNA testing firm easyDNA has increased recruitment of management staff worldwide to meet a steadily increasing demand for its products.

NEVADA, USA 19/04/2009 – easyDNA, one of the world’s leading DNA testing specialists, has strengthened its management teams  throughout the world as a result of a rapid increase in demand for its testing services.

The new staff has been chosen for their ability and experience in DNA testing, both past and present, and they will operate through the business’s existing structure of 16 international sales offices. The areas mainly benefitting from the expansion of the management team are Oceania, Europe and North America where demand is increasing rapidly, and the recruits will complement the minimum seven years experience of the existing senior management.

Andrew Alexander, the founder and Director of the firm stated, “The main objective of easyDNA is to provide the highest possible standards of customer service and technical expertise in order to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied when doing business with us. We ensure that our staff is as highly trained as possible, and that our management teams have sufficient experience in the field of DNA testing to ensure that our objectives are met.

We understand that DNA testing can be a stressful and traumatic time for many of our customers and try to answer their concerns and respond to their needs as promptly and effectively as possible. While a high level of technical competence and scientific accuracy is essential, and we provide that, here at easyDNA we also appreciate the value of a superior level of customer service.  Many other firms fail in this respect, but not easyDNA, and we will do our utmost to deal with our clients sensitively but comprehensively, and offer them the high level of customer care and attention that they deserve.

Therefore, although we avoid any involvement in the personal stories of individual clients, we strive to handle their cases respectfully and make the process as easy and straightforward as we can”.



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