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New Canadian Office for easyDNA

The popular DNA testing services offered by prominent testing firm easyDNA are now available in Canada, after the opening of a new administrative office designed to promote the firm’s products.

New York, USA – 01/07/2007 After its incursions into countries such as India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, global DNA testing company easyDNA has now turned to Canada as the next country to be part of its global expansion policy. The office will be used to promote the full range of products offered by easyDNA, including DNA Relationship Tests, Paternity Screening and DNA Forensic Testing, and Canadian customers can now enjoy the benefit of the firm’s highly regarded customer service policy.

The main marketing device is the dedicated website www.easydna.ca on which each of the company’s DNA services are listed and described. It is important that potential clients understand the function of each test so that they choose the right one to meet their needs. As with all easyDNA sites, prices are offered in local currency and customers can purchase the testing kits through the site. Although online payment is by credit card, alternative arrangements to pay can be made on application.

The company Sales and Marketing Director, Andrew Alexander, stressed the firm’s excellent customer service record. “easyDNA is delighted to be able to offer its services in Canada. This expansion bolsters our commitment to global expansion of our DNA testing services and enables us to offer even more clients our highly rated level of customer service. We regard our customers as the foundation of the company, and are continually seeking ways to improve on this important aspect of a value added service. We fully understand the stress that clients can experience when anxiously awaiting results and we do our best to minimize the administration needed so that we can provide results in as short a period as possible.



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