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New easyDNA operations Launched in Australia and New Zealand

International DNA testing company easyDNA has announced the expansion of their business and testing services into Australia and New Zealand. 

New York, USA – 28/02/2007 The eminent international DNA testing specialists, easyDNA, has announced the development of its business into Australia and New Zealand with the opening of an office in each country to promote its DNA testing portfolio. These new operations will enable the company to present products such as Paternity testing and Private Forensic testing to a new market that is aware of the purpose of such tests. Ancestry testing is also popular in this part of the world.

Rather than try to cover this vast area using sales staff, the company has launched the development with two dedicated websites, one serving each country. These sites offer a list of all services available from easyDNA along with a description of each explaining what the test involves and what it is designed to prove. Full instructions on how to collect samples are also provided, and the testing kits used to collect them can be ordered online. Payment is normally by credit card, but if you contact the company you may be able to arrange an alternative payment method. The price for each test is quoted in local currency and you the option of regular or express delivery. Andrew Alexander, Sales and Marketing Director of easyDNA state when asked to comment on the move:

“We are excited by this move at easyDNA. It confirms our commitment to extending the geographical reach of our products into the global market, and the move to offer DNA paternity testing in Australia is particularly appropriate because the ownership of the company is partly based in Australia.”

“We appreciate the fact that Australians and New Zealanders are more aware of DNA testing than in some other countries in which we have recently opened new offices, and that there is a fair amount of competition here. Although that means we will have to be aware of  the competition, our commitment to excellence in customer service is a USP for us, and has served us well in the past in the face of stiff competition. We believe that our policy of continuous improvement in service to our customers has offered us a significant marketing advantage, and that we will be as successful here as we have been elsewhere.



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