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easyDNA Experiences Increase in Demand for DNA Forensic Testing Samples

DNA paternity testing firm easyDNA is experiencing an increase in demand for its DNA Forensic testing services particularly in situations involving deceased relatives.

California, US 31/08/2007 – easyDNA, a leading DNA paternity testing firm, announced it had experienced an increase in demand for its forensic DNA testing services for DNA paternity and relationship testing purposes.

The company has seen an increase in the number of direct requests over the past six months for cases involving the analysis for DNA Testing of non-standard samples. It has also been commissioned on a number of complex cases, which it has managed to complete successfully.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Typical requests include individuals who want to confirm their paternity to a dead relative and require the DNA profile of the deceased to perform a DNA Paternity test. This usually involves issues of inheritance. In such cases we advise the client what type of sample they can provide, how to take the sample and how to send it for analysis. Typically, if the death is recent, we request hair or fingernail samples. Alternatively, if the body is no longer accessible, we request personal items such as garments, stamps, envelopes and other personal items that may contain traces of DNA. However, in cases of exhumation the situation is more complex and we will require for analysis bone or teeth samples taken by a qualified professional. Whilst we always clearly state that there is not always a 100% chance of success with such samples, we are pleased to report that we have obtained some very good results with some very difficult samples. Therefore we look forward to extending our testing portfolio and providing an even better service to our clients.”

Clients who wish to discuss their case are normally advised to contact the company directly for more information. In addition, a full list of non-standard samples and estimated extraction success rates can be obtained from the company’s website under the Forensic DNA testing section.



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