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Worldwide Increase in DNA Testing for Paternity Recorded

Over recent years the demand for paternity testing has increased greatly as the instability of family relationships and infidelity issues occur more frequently.

Over recent years the demand for paternity testing has increased greatly as the instability of family relationships and infidelity issues occur more frequently.

DNA paternity testing is in huge demand as due to modern times the media is saturated with news article, talk shows, press and information regarding the easy accessibility of DNA paternity testing.

The days of the nuclear family consisting of 2.2 children now belong to another generation and relationships are no longer such simple domestic bliss as the 1950’s. Infidelity is a major issue in the modern day romance however with the ease of DNA testing it is now possible to catch a cheating spouse out with either a DNA paternity test or an infidelity test with various testing methods available.

DNA Paternity Tests In The USA And UK

In the United States and the UK it has become dramatically more affordable to conduct a DNA test and more people are sourcing DNA testing for both personal and legal reasons. Around 5000 DNA paternity tests are demanded each year from the Child Support Agency alone in the UK and studies have shown that up to 1 in 25 Fathers could be raising another mans child. Conducting a DNA paternity test for these fathers could have huge emotional and financial implications.

Whilst in the United States it is reported that the number of DNA paternity tests increased from 142,000 in 1991 to 310,490 in 2001. This dramatic increase can also relay back to the media and talk shows promoting the ease and quick turnaround time for paternity tests for those seeking the truth. These talk shows regularly dedicate entire programs to the topic of paternity testing.

DNA Paternity Tests Across The Globe

DNA testing is far reaching across the globe with news reports revealed that a 20% increase in applications for DNA paternity tests in China’s major city hospitals in one year alone. The reason behind testing in China is often to confirm a wife’s loyalty from a suspicious husband.

The reason DNA paternity tests have increased in Beijing was said to be because more suspicious husbands wanted to discover if their wives were loyal. The increased demand for DNA paternity tests was said to reflect the break down of family relationships and instability of marriage, according to doctors. It has also been reported that the general use of paternity testing in China would increase if the costs were more affordable to the general public.

When conducting a paternity test careful thought is always advised and it is important that you are assured of support when and if needed during and after the testing process has been completed.

About easyDNA

easyDNA offers a comprehensive range of paternal verification testing services, designed to shed light on most of today’s identity issues. We are here to provide reliable, accurate and confidential DNA analysis results for Paternity Testing, DNA Relationship Testing and DNA Forensic Testing to both the public and private sector. We operate through a network of offices covering a wide geographic area. We currently operate 12 offices worldwide including Canada, U.S.A, Italy, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa. To contact us with further questions please email [email protected].



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