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Using DNA Paternity Tests to Combat Paternity Fraud

With paternity fraud on the increase from both men and women, DNA tests are now the only way to determine who a child’s biological father is.

Sadly today there are more and more cases of mothers lying about the identity of the biological father of their child. A DNA test helps solve these issues and a paternity test result can be used as incontrovertible proof of paternity. The arrival of a child can put a strain on most couples, but when one partner is keeping a secret from the other, it can cause the complete breakdown of a relationship. The use of DNA paternity tests is going up as both men and women seek confirmation of their child’s biological origin. Paternity fraud, as it is known, is becoming more and more common, whether it is for financial reasons, or to keep a troubled marriage together. Often, if a woman has been unfaithful or had multiple partners, she will select the “best man for the job” and tell him he is the father. Following on from this worrying trend, modern men are now seeking clarification when informed by a woman of their paternity, and using a DNA paternity test is the only way to get a conclusive result (99.99%+). Some men request a DNA paternity test once the child is born, with others, not wanting to wait, using a pre natal paternity test.

DNA Paternity Testing – The Emotional Issues

Questions or doubts over paternity are often brought on because of problems within a relationship. When emotions are heated, couples can express true feelings, and nagging doubts can cone to head. Many people have suspicions about the children they are raising, whether due to lack of physical similarities, or doubts around fidelity, and these can often lie dormant until a relationship hits the rocks. If a man has spent years raising a child as his own, only to find out that he is not the biological father, this can have enormously damaging emotional effects, even leading onto legal action over custody or child support. It is therefore strongly encouraged that you seek counselling if you are about to partake on a DNA paternity test. This will help you to handle the emotional strain caused by such events, during and after the test is taken.

About easyDNA

easyDNA specialize in the provision of reliable, accurate and confidential DNA Paternity Testing, DNA Relationship Testing and DNA Forensic Testing to both the private and public sector. Our testing is accredited with ISO17025 for your assurance and peace of mind. Our customer service staff and scientists are highly trained and specialized in all areas of DNA testing and we understand the need for DNA testing can be an emotional time for our clients. Visit our home page for more information.

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