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Growing Demand for DNA Testing Globally

As modern relationships become increasingly turbulent, the need and demand for the DNA Paternity Test is on the up.

As modern relationships become increasingly turbulent, the need and demand for the DNA Paternity Test is on the up.

The Rise in Demand

The last 50 years has seen a massive shift in how a typical family is made up. There still exists the nuclear family of mother, father and 2.2 children, but infertile and gay couples, plus the drop in couples getting married, means that many children are now born into alternative family situations, and the need for DNA paternity tests has become more the norm.

This change in family structure and rise in demand is now being witnessed all over the world. Worldwide news reports and case studies show that even in countries like China, there has been a significant increase in the number of tests performed. China’s hospitals show a 20% increase in these tests from suspicious husbands, who have doubts as to the paternity of their children. The resulting effect has been a lack of trust between married partners leading to a rise in the number of broken relationships and marriages.

Increase in Accessibility of Tests

As demand has increased, the availability of obtaining a paternity test has also been made easier. Recent studies from the Liverpool John Moores University suggest that as many as 1 in 25 fathers may be raising another man’s child, and the accessibility of such tests means that legal and emotional needs must now be addressed. Support groups for both sexes and child support agencies are now working hard to keep up with family issues as the demand in paternity tests keeps rising.

As the UK responds to a rise in DNA paternity tests, the situation in the US is becoming dire. TV chat shows like Maury and Jerry Springer regularly feature guests who have paternity issues, and do live tests, on air, for the whole nation to see. This kind of national exposure has created awareness on the subject resulting in a 55% increase in DNA paternity tests over the last 10 years.

Putting aside the preoccupation with reality TV, the subject of DNA paternity testing must not be taken lightly. The results and subsequent issues following a test can have very strong emotional effects on a family, and it is strongly advised that you seek more information about the test before partaking in a DNA paternity test.

About easyDNA

easyDNA offers a comprehensive range of DNA Paternity Testing services, designed to shed light on most of today’s identity issues. We are here to provide reliable, accurate and confidential DNA Paternity Testing, DNA Relationship Testing and DNA Forensic Testing to both the public and private sector. We operate through a network of offices covering a wide geographic area. We currently operate 12 offices worldwide including Canada, U.S.A, Italy, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa. To contact us with further questions please email [email protected]

For more specific information about this type of test, visit our dedicated page DNA Paternity Test.



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