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Rick Ross’s Paternity Test Results – Whose the Daddy?

Late last year, hip-hop heavyweight Rick Ross was involved in a paternity scandal with Tyrisha Childers. The Georgia woman filed a paternity law suit against Ross claiming he was the father of the then three year old boy. Rick Ross was quick to deny these allegations and even volunteered to take a paternity test.

The Maybach Music Group honcho also denied ever having had sex with Tyrisha Childers. The results came back and Rick Ross seems to have been telling the truth all along. According to TMZ, a celebrity news website, there is 0% chance that Rick Ross could have fathered the baby. This didn’t seem to come as a surprise to Rick who didn’t react in any noticeable way to the report. What people are unsure of is whether the rapper will sue the woman for making false accusations or not.

Tyrisha has since gone underground after voluntarily dismissing the case. Ross remains a free man but how long will it be before he is faced with another law suit. Ross has been arrested and sued before for various crimes but somehow has always found his way out of such predicaments.

Former Convictions

Back in 2008, Ross was arrested for gun and marijuana possession. His case was then assigned to gang task force a move that Ross’s lawyer found questionable. In his defense, Officer Rey Hernandez claimed that Ross was affiliated with the Carol City Cartel and various gang members. Ross’s lawyer Allan Zamren then demanded evidence on the personal link between Ross and the gang. Eventually no link was established and the rapper was released soon after.

In August 2008, Ross was faced with yet another law suit, this time from a YouTube entertainer, Dj Vlad. Vlad claimed that he was ambushed by Ross’s team at the Ozone Awards after he asked questions concerning Ross’s past. It turns out that Rick Ross was once a correctional officer. At first he didn’t want to admit it but after his social security number was linked to a stint as a correctional officer Ross had no choice. According to DJ Vlad, Ross didn’t like the questions and organized the ambush against him.

Copyright Infringment & lawsuit

Rick was later sued by Ricky Ross for copyright infringement for using his name. Ricky Ross is a reformed drug dealer who has spent quite a few years in prison. Ricky Ross wanted compensation worth $10 million for the damage. Sources from the internet say that Rick Ross did actually acquire his name from the reformed drug kingpin as he is always claiming to be selling drugs and dealing arms in most of his songs.

As you can see, Rick has had his fair share of moments in court rooms. Tyrisha’s case is just the latest to a string of issues. Rick claims he never slept with the 36 year old woman which leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Why would Tyrisha file a lawsuit against Rick if they have never been together? Is Tyrisha as broke as she is alleged to be? Was it a publicity stunt? Well, I guess we’ll find out as the drama unfolds.

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