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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

A dog will always be a dog. That is something that you cannot change no matter what. You can feed your dog a very specific diet but they can still suddenly have the urge to nibble on the grass. But do not be afraid as most grass have been deemed safe enough that your dog will not start puking. That is why dogs are theorized to eat grass because they crave a certain something in their diet. Although, there are natural nutrients that could automatically attract a dog to eat it regardless of health.

How come there are dogs who can puke after eating grass then? Studies are still in the process of truly understanding if that is something related to the grass or if it is directly the cause of your dog’s allergic reaction.

Why Do Dogs Eat The Grass?

The answer to this one is pretty simple: they just simply enjoy the taste. This is no different to a person drinking a lot of cola despite it being hazardous in large amounts. A dog may eat, chew, or even just nibble the grass to get their fill of the delicious treat. Dogs are different from humans in their taste buds (and that is why you don’t see a human eating dirty socks).

Andrea Rediger, a writer for the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, stated that there is another theory that undomesticated dogs are actually natural omnivores. Thus, the domesticated dogs would then resort to eating grass that is their natural instinct. Some might even say that undomesticated dogs would eat the grass that was ingested by their prey. Thus, the canine species has grown accustomed to the plants.

Dogs are also known as being one of the most successful opportunistic scavengers throughout tens of thousands of years. They can essentially devour anything as long it can fulfill their dietary requirements. There are even wild canids that commonly eat grass as part of their actual survival diet.

Although, you should not just let your dog eat grass because you think they can heal themselves through it. There is still insufficient evidence that a simple patch of grass is the go-to cure for sickness. However, sites like Petmd.com states that dogs seek out the grass in their diet to relieve a gassy or upset stomach. The grass would then “tickle” the throat and stomach lining of the dog, which would then cause the dog to vomit out the acid that was developing inside them.

Rediger still states, however, that dogs may be safe from eating grass and that there is no connection between vomiting and grass-eating. You should still carefully observe that your dog is puking because they could still have an underlying medical condition. A professional veterinarian can do various tests to ensure that your pet is safe and secure. They can get a conduct a physical, fecal, and blood tests to observe your dog’s possible medical issues and gastrointestinal problems. A blood count is conducted to test your dog’s blood flow if there is any blood loss or inflammation. You can also let your pet get a chemistry panel check-up to check up on the health of the liver and pancreas to check if your dog has developed GI disease. But before all that you should consider when is the right time to bring your dog to a professional veterinarian. The best times to bring them would be if they display one of the following symptoms: lethargy, diarrhea, and severe weight loss due to constant vomiting.

Is Grass Dangerous For Your Dogs Or Not?

Generally, you can leave your dogs out and let them do their thing without a worry. However, it is in your best interest to keep an eye on them and observe their reactions. If you notice that your dogs suddenly increase their grass intake then that could be a sign that there is a problem with your dog health-wise. Do note that a teething puppy should be monitored that they do not actually ingest the grass when they are nibbling everything because that could lead to them having a gastrointestinal blockage.

A diet with natural herbs and plants are a great alternative to give to your dogs to help them overcome their addiction to grass-eating.

Another great option would be to set aside a small tray of grass on your own home garden to limit the amount of grass your pooch eats. That can potentially save your dog from ingesting deadly pesticides, worms, or even chemicals that would rot inside your dog.

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