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easyDNA Express DNA Testing Service Prices Slashed

The international DNA testing firm easyDNA has made dramatic reductions in its prices for the popular express results service in order to improve its service to customers.

New York, USA – 10/07/2008 easyDNA is a leading DNA testing firm with an exemplary attitude to customer service. Aware of the problems some people have in meeting the cost of their express results service, the company has cut the price by up to 30% to all customers world-wide. This service enables customers to receive their DNA test results in 3 to 4 working days compared to the 5 to 7 days of the standard service, and the price reduction will bring the service within the scope of many more of their customers.

Sales and Marketing Director Andrew Alexander stresses that this is not the only improvement that customers can expect in the coming months: “All of us at easyDNA understand the stresses that customers are under when waiting for their DNA test results, and some have a pressing need to have these results back as quickly as possible. We have therefore decided to make the express service affordable to more of our customers, and perhaps reduce some of the stress they are under.

“We know that this will make the service more popular, and that demand for it will increase, but we expected these and have improved not only our internal logistics for the sampling procedures, but also the laboratory has been extended to meet the rise in demand.“

DNA testing services is increasing in popularity as an increasing number of people begin to understand its scope of application and we operate a policy of improvement that enables us to constantly keep up with that demand. This is just one of several initiatives that will be launched over the next few months. We will therefore be able to deliver on time as we promise, and are always seeking new ways of improving our service to our customers.”



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