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Agreement Signed Between easyDNA and DNA Check for Congo DNA Testing

An agreement signed between International DNA test provider easy DNA and local firm DNA Check is set to increase the awareness of the possibilities offered by DNA testing in DR Congo and to extend the marketing scope of both companies. 

New York, USA – 01/07/2008 Easy DNA is one of the world leaders in DNA testing, particularly relationship testing such as DNA paternity testing. DNA Check is a DR Congo firm specializing in providing testing services. A signed agreement between the two will significantly increase the awareness of the benefits of DNA testing in this part of the world. Several elements of DNA testing have been covered by the agreement, including the provision of marketing and full technical support by easyDNA, and a site has been set up specifically to market easyDNA’s comprehensive range of DNA screening services.

DNA Check will promote the partnership and the awareness of Congolese about this type of relationship testing by means of TV promotions, visits to clinics and hospitals and a variety of other marketing and promotional techniques.

Says Andrew Alexander, the Sales and Marketing Director of easyDNA: “We are excited with this agreement at easyDNA, and we are continually seeking new outlets for our services and to increase our geographic presence.

When DNA Check approached us, we had already had several enquires from the DR Congo, and it made sense to enter into such an agreement. It will enable both parties to combine to meet the needs of the DNA testing market better than they have been previously. By working with a local firm we will benefit from their knowledge of the local market, and they will benefit from our knowledge and expertise in DNA relationship testing techniques.”easyDNA anticipate improving their activity in Central Africa, and helping to improve public awareness in DR Congo of what can be achieved by DNA testing in general, and paternity testing in particular.

If you require DNA testing in Congo visit our website directly.



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