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DNA Paternity Testing in Brief

DNA paternity testing is accurate and reliable. Scientifically speaking, its accuracy is due to the fact the DNA testing is a very exact science. Although most of our DNA is shared with others, we have some sections of our DNA which are truly unique. These are the sections that are important with genetic testing.

Doing a DNA paternity test (Vaterschaftstest) is very simple. Blood is no longer used for the paternity test; so relax, you do not need to have any veins punctured and blood withdrawn. Advances in the field of DNA testing means today all you need is a buccal swab. Huge changes in the way DNA is analyzed mean that geneticists and scientists in the field can take a very small sample of your DNA using a process known as PCR (polymerase chain reaction), make hundreds of copies of it and thus, have all these multiple copies to work with.

Swabs can just be rubbed inside the mouth, under the tongue and around the cheeks. This action causes cheek cells to stick to the end of the swab. From these cheek cells, DNA can be extracted for the paternity test (Vaterschaftstest) and the necessary genetic markers analyzed. Your paternity test results will be ready in just a few days. If the DNA profiles of the father and the child match, then clearly, the man analyzed is the biological father of that child. This is DNA paternity testing in a few crude lines.



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