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DNA Testing for Paternity in Poland

easyDNA offers DNA testing for paternity (Test na ojcostwo) in Poland. Paternity DNA testing is by far the most accurate and scientific means of determining paternity. Today, this test is become the most widespread and legally acceptable means of proving whether a biological relationship exists between father and child.

More information about DNA Testing for Paternity

Generally, it is recommended that a paternity test be done with the mother samples. However, it is not a problem if the mother is not available for the test because results are very accurate even without her DNA samples. Having the mother’s sample for the paternity test  or test DNA na ojcostwo helps provide a stronger result and can be indeed useful in cases of related alleged fathers or in cases when genetic mutations arise.

Remember that many companies offer at home paternity tests and the results of this test cannot be used for legal purposes. To have court admissible results you will have to opt for a legal test- this test is more costly as it has a very different procedure in place.

Paternity Test: Collecting DNA samples for the test

Taking DNA samples is extremely simply. All you need is oral swabs and a simple set of instructions; many companies will provide you with the DNA testing kit and in your will find everything you need to take the samples. It is so simply that you do not need a doctor or any DNA expert to assist you. The sampling can be done by the test participants themselves in the ease and comfort of your own home. If the alleged father is not available for the DNA test for paternity there are other alternative tests.



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