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Your Body’s Deadliest Enemies V.S. Your Defense System

Your Body’s Deadliest Enemies V.S. Your Defense System

Your body will undergo different attacks from diseases throughout your life. However, you have a way of fighting through those illnesses with your own defense system. There are five different important parts of your defense system. First, you have your immunity which is the key fighter against the war on infectious diseases. Secondly, you have your angiogenesis. That is what helps cultivate and form new blood cells that protect your heart. Next, you have your stem cell regeneration. It is vital to your system as reforms the damaged parts of your body. And then there is the gut microbiome. Lastly, there is the DNA protection. These are some examples of how your body will naturally fight off the diseases.


The year 2020 has brought about one of the worst pandemics this world has encountered. Or at least the worst pandemic in the 21st century. The inspiration for this article came from Dr. Li’s book. However, the book was published back in 2019 so the events of the Covid-19 disaster have yet to be written. Nevertheless, there is still much to learn about this disease. A proper immune system should help stave off the advances of infectious diseases. It is true that a healthily maintained diet of unprocessed vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other plant foods are great for building up an immunity. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is a complicated disease that targets our bodies’ lungs. The disease creates an uncontrollable autoimmune reaction that causes the lungs to inflame at a rapid pace. Although, you should note that most people who passed from this unfortunate disease tend to live an unhealthy lifestyle. As such, you should still regularly maintain a healthy diet.


Cancer like bladder cancer o skin cancer are the second most common cause of death in the Western hemisphere. The diet that their food is producing unhealthy amounts of cholesterol and such that would cause their immune systems to react slower than normal. That is why you should eat more foods that contain antiangiogenic activity that could cut off the blood supply on cancer cells. There are also numerous dishes that can actually destroy early-onset cancerous cells. In addition, it is also a great idea to eat certain meals that could trigger your immune system so that conditions like cancer could be fought off.

Cardiovascular Disease

If cancer is the second most common cause of death then heart attacks and strokes are the kings. The choice of food to prevent this disease is no different from what you would take to prevent cancer. You just have to make sure that you also eat a good amount of food that can lower inflammation and maintain a healthy gut microbiome. In some cases it would be recommended to take a gut microbiome test to identify the gut bacteria.


Diabetes disease is dangerous and most people overlook. This is one of those diseases that is most often not taken seriously until it becomes too late. And it is becoming increasingly prevalent in not only the United States but also the whole world. Patients who are diagnosed with strong cases of diabetes should eat foods that could enhance their stem cell regeneration. It is commonly associated that diabetics have less active stem cells than those without diabetes. A meal that promotes a healthy microbiome is also a great food source to prevent any gut-related issues. The problem with diabetes is that it damages a lot of parts in the human body all at once. It can cause inflammation, immune system disorders such as lupus, and even DNA damage. And that is why food sources that can counter those effects should always be considered for your meal.


Obesity is the single most common problem in American health. You need to eat high amounts of antiangiogenic foods the can help “starve out” the fat. Gut microbiomes can both contribute to obesity and a fit body. Make sure that you are eating the healthy gut microbiomes food. Large amounts of obesity could be detrimental to your immune system as well. There are tests for the gut microbiome that can indicate your gut health.

Autoimmune Disease

The best counter for diseases such as this is to eat a lot of food that can calm the immune system. A trick that you can use to ensure that your immune system is still functional is by learning how to fast. Fasting is when you don’t ingest any food for a set long period of time. That would, in turn, cause your immune system to react. Thus, you can manage your immune system better.


Aging is something that no one has any control of. You will get age over time and your body will slowly grow weaker than before. However, that does not mean that you have to succumb to Alzheimer’s disease. You can prevent diseases from aging by eating a healthy diet of food that can help your immune system, reduce inflammation, stimulate angiogenesis, activate stem cells, and improve microbiome. There are Healthy and Diet food test that can help you to choose your right diet. That will help prevent neurodegenerative disorders that could arise due to old age. It is also a good idea to eat some green vegetables and fish to prevent macular degregation and prevent blindness.

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