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Review of easyDNA’s Genetic Predisposition Health Test in The Sun

Leading British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, offers a candid review of easyDNA’s genetic predisposition test, a simple DNA test that allows individuals to gain insight into their genetic health.

California, USA 8/3/2013-  easyDNA US, a Kent based DNA testing company has recently had its genetic health test reviewed by a leading journalist in the newspaper The Sun. Genetic health testing is one of the latest personalized genetic tests on the market. This test is aimed at indicating to an individual the likelihood or risk that they will develop any of the 25 genetic diseases tested over the course of their life, allowing them to use this knowledge to take control of their health.

easyDNA featured in The Sun

Laura Stott, the free lance journalist who has provided the review and who has also written for The Times and the Daily Mail, has offered a very informative and detailed review of easyDNA’s latest DNA test. Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Andrew Alexander points out that The Sun is a leading newspaper with the tenth biggest circulation in the world and the first within the US. He also further comments on the review by stating “This genetic health test review is bound to help those clients who are considering taking this test. Such product reviews are important sources of information for those seeking our services”.

The company’s genetic predisposition health test has drawn much interest as it enables people to take better control of their health by understanding their bodies on a genetic level. The test is based upon analysis of a tiny blood sample from which scientists examine genetic variations known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. A laboratory representative elaborates on the significance of this test by adding: “This test really highlights the role our genes play in our health. Once a client gets their results they can get should get the assistance of a qualified geneticist to help them interpret the results. They can also get guidance from specialists such as nutritionist that can guide them with the most suitable and effective lifestyle changes that could help towards mitigating their risk”. Further to this, easyDNA explains how the test can often help confirm a family history of a genetic disorder and thus, how people with a family history of a certain condition can get a better estimate of whether they have inherited the genetic disorder in question and take appropriate action.

The sample collection for this test is done by means of a home kit provided by easyDNA. Ms. Stott gives insight into easyDNA’s quick sample collection procedure, stating in her review that “The test itself could not be simpler.” Once in the laboratory, samples are promptly analyzed and results issued a couple of weeks later. easyDNA offers a detailed and colourful  34 page result with its health test, customized for every client. For more information on this test CLICK HERE

This comprehensive genetic health analysis offered by easyDNA assesses diseases including cancers, age related diseases, immune system and cardiovascular conditions. Ms. Stott very aptly describes it in her independent review as “looking into the crystal ball to the future of my health”.

To review the article in full – CLICK HERE 

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easyDNA is a leading provider of DNA testing services with over 25 offices around the world. We provide the most comprehensive range of DNA testing services including non invasive prenatal tests, paternity testing and many more. With a focus on customer care, accredited laboratories and competitive pricing, easyDNA has carried out over 300,000 DNA tests to date.



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