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The Paternity Test Kit

The paternity testing kit contains everything you need to gather your DNA samples. The home test kit is simple to use that anyone can take their own DNA samples.

How do I collect DNA samples with my home testing kit?

Collecting samples can be done with just a simple mouth swab. If you have ever had a medical throat swab for infections or something on those lines, you already have an idea of what a swab looks like; moreover, you will probably also remember that this is totally painless. An at home paternity test will contain everything you need to do the sampling by yourself.

Swabs, for those who have not seen them, look very much like cotton buds- but they have cotton on just one end and have a long stick to be able to reach inside the mouth, under the tongue and the inner cheeks; these are the typical places from where DNA is collected.

Here is how to collect the DNA for a paternity test: rub the swab for one minute under the tongue and inner cheek. Do this with two swabs for every person. The leave the swabs to dry and send them off for laboratory testing.

Normally the DNA testing company will send you a kit with which to collect samples; the kit is easier because it has instruction and forms to be filled in. In cases where you are too in a hurry to get the kit, you can buy swabs from your local pharmacy but then contact the company who is going to do you test as they will need to explain a few things regarding collecting the samples without a paternity test kit.



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