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Increased Demand for Advanced Forensic Testing Reported by easyDNA

EasyDNA, the DNA testing specialist, has announced an increase in growth for its advanced forensic testing services.

NEVADA, USA 31/01/2009:  International DNA testing specialist easyDNA has announced a dramatic increase in demand for its advanced DNA forensic testing services since the introduction of the advanced services earlier this year.

The advanced services offer analysis on non-standard samples that involves more advanced analytical techniques than those required on the standard mouth swabs or even blood or nail clippings, more complex extraction methods and highly experienced technical staff working in a well-equipped laboratory using state of the art equipment.

easyDNA currently offers forensic testing of DNA on non-standard samples, including semen, nail clippings, blood and hair, but the advanced service enables it to work on samples that are very difficult to analyse, such as very old or degraded tissues.  The advanced equipment used enables a higher degree of sensitivity to handle the small amounts of viable DNA extracted from such samples.

New prospective clients for the advanced DNA forensic services are normally interviewed first and the form of sample to be provided discussed.  The best way to proceed with the analysis is discussed and the client offered a number of viable options. A decision can then be made on how the client wishes to proceed.

easyDNA International Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Alexander, stated that ‘Since the advanced DNA testing service was launched we have had a very positive response from clients. In some cases, the samples provided by the clients will be very small, such as a single hair, or very old or degraded. In many cases, these could be analysed using standard techniques, but the degree of accuracy would not be high enough and advanced analytical techniques will be required. The clients would rather pay the extra cost involved than take the chance of viable DNA not being obtained from the sample. They would then have lost the sample and with it the possibility of ever finding the information they are seeking.”

easyDNA are specialists in the provision of accurate, reliable and confidential DNA Paternity Testing, DNA Forensic Testing and DNA Relationship Testing to the public and private sectors.  The firm has set up sixteen offices worldwide, covering most continents in the world. All our laboratories are accredited to the quality standard ISO 17025 guaranteeing the quality of the DNA tests we carry out. We use the most up to date genetic identification systems with the highest possible levels of accuracy in our results.



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