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All-Natural Remedies To Reduce Your Cat’s Allergic Reactions

Cats are one of the most adorable little creatures on the planet. It is no wonder that they are generally the source of all things cute and cuddly in YouTube videos. You cannot deny that they are one of the most precious pets a person could have.

However, not everyone is blessed enough to handle these magnificent creatures. There are those that have to be cursed to suffer through puffy eyes and never-ending sneezing despite our intense love of all things cat.

These allergies are not just restricted to your playtime with the cat. Cat hairs, cat saliva, skin cells, and other protein parts that they can leave behind could all cause your immune system to just go berserk, thus leading you to allergic reactions.

But fret not. You can actually find a way to still spend plenty of time with your beloved kitties and still feel great about yourself without having to resort to taking prescription medications each and every time. All you need is a bit of preparation and you are all set to spend as much time with your feline furry companion until your hearts desire.

At EasyDNA we offer a range of test that will help you understand your feline health and genetics, therefore manage better the happiness of your cat.

Make A Safe Room

No, your cat is not out to get you and you need to find a nice place to hide. Instead, you should make it a point that you have an allergen-free zone to call your own to relax when you are done playing with your cat.

This is especially important in your place of sleep. The last thing you want is to wake up with some puffy eyes and annoying sneezing.

Any artificial scents can actually aggravate your symptoms instead of relieving them. Cat allergens would fly off with the artificial scents like scented candles and plugin air fresheners. That is why you need to ditch them all away and get yourself some nice clean air.

Air filters are one of the most crucial components at making sure you breathe freely despite all the cat particles flying around. You will want to place cheesecloths on your heating or air conditioning units to ensure that you remain free of those pesky allergens.

Lastly, try to avoid furniture with soft fabrics on them as it could trap some cat hair deep inside the wedges of the item. It would be best to replace them with something along the lines of leather or wood to prevent dust and particle buildup from happening.

Air filters are also good for your cat, as it will prevent your cat from having allergies. There are many ways to diagnose your feline’s allergies which we explain here.

A Clean Hand Is A Happy Hand

There is nothing more adorable than being able to hug your precious little feline tight. Though they may normally dislike the hugging, a simple pet and snuggle from them are enough to fill your day with happiness.

But that would obviously bring about more chances of your allergies to act up. The simple act of cleaning your hands will do wonders for your skin and breathing. In addition, refrain from touching your face as soon as you play with a cat as that could lead to increased allergic reactions than normal.

Splurging Can Be Beneficial Too

Investing is an act wherein you purchase or place your money into something that is pricey in the hopes that the benefits will outweigh the overall spending.

One such thing that would be perfect for those suffering from cat or other pet allergies would be to invest in a high-quality HEPA air filter. A HEPA filter is perfect for making sure that all those allergens would be sucked right in, leaving an almost completely zero trace of any sort of allergy-triggering substances.

For those living with a carpet or rug, it would benefit you to get yourself a vacuum with a quality HEPA filter.

You Are Not The Only One That Needs Cleaning

It is common knowledge that cats do not like taking baths. They would normally clean themselves just by using their tongues. That can usually get the job done, especially from the cat’s perspective. However, a human with a cat allergy might not have the same tolerance as a cat.

That is why you can always reduce the gander on your cat by using alternative cleaning methods such as pet-friendly wipes or even a damp micro cloth. You can also ask someone you know personally to help groom your cat by combing their fur or you can choose to shave their fur off from your local veterinary.

Another way to reduce hair fall and skin cell flaking are to ensure that they continue to have a healthy diet. That way you do not have to worry about their annoying hair particles flying about the room.

A Friend Is All You Need

You would need some really dedicated friends or family members to get them to help you with your cat responsibilities. Unfortunately, this article is not about teaching you how to get people to help with your cat issues.

Assuming you somehow found people that are willing to help you out with your predicament, then you could get them to help clean your cat’s litter box. While they are out doing your chores, you can use this opportunity to replace the litter brand with something that is hyp-allergenic. Above all, this is great for both you and your cat.

Foster Care Is A Great Way To Learn

Adopting a pet is a serious process. There are tons of paperwork to be filled and you need to prep your place to ensure that they have enough care and space to roam around. The whole concept can be unnerving to some people, especially those who just want an adorable companion beside them.

And that is why you can go to your local pet adoption agency and ask if they allow any temporary or long-term foster care. Some foster care would allow some of their animals to be taken care of for a couple of days or weeks for people to get a better feel at handling a bit of cat quality bonding time.

This is the perfect opportunity to test your reactions to the various substances they’ll produce. You never know when you might get an allergic reaction from them. A temporary foster shelter is a perfect time to know just how well you are at taking care of cats.

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