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Matthew Knowles has taken a Paternity DNA Test

The world of the rich and famous is peppered with people doing paternity DNA tests. Matthew Knowles is just one whose fame lies in being the manager of his daughter’s career Beyonce and also the driving force behind Destiny’s Child which brought Beyonce’s name on the R&B scene and paved her way to becoming the momentous name in the world of music.

 Matthew Knowles Paternity Test
Matthew Knowles does Paternity Testing

The contrast between the life of father and daughter lies in the fact that Beyonce’s life has not drawn any media criticism or scandal. Her father’s life has been somewhat different. Matthew Knowles has been married to Tina Knowles for thirty years.  However, he has had an 18 month affair with Alexsandra Wright, known for her role in the sitcom ‘’Scrubs’’’. The affair also earlier last year’s allegedly produced a child, Nixon. The strain on the Knowles marriage was such that it led to its break down and the married couple is in court seeking divorce.

In the mean time, Alexsandra has been in court trying to get a court ordered paternity test to establish Matthew Knowles as the father; no because she is in any doubt as to whether he is the father of her child but because she wants Matthew to take on all his legal responsibilities and provide child support for Nixon. She will very likely be able to claim thousands in monthly support payments which would also include retroactive payments which have not been paid since the birth of the child.

The Paternity DNA test

After an 18 month relationship with someone there is a good chance that is the woman claiming to be carrying your baby is actually right. Matthew Knowles has consented to the paternity testing and the result is an inclusion; this means that Knowles is without shadow of a doubt the father of the child. Beyonce and her sister, Solange, both singers, now have a half brother.

Paternity tests essentially seek to map the genetic patterns of the putative father and the child. If the genetic patterns match, then it is clear that the child has inherited his or her genes from the alleged father tested. The test is highly accurate and scientific.

Matthews Knowles is just one of the many names who have taken such a test. Outside the world of celebrities, millions of paternity tests are sold all over the world. Other celebrities who have done paternity DNA tests include Jude law and Keanu Reeves.



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