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Is it Possible to Cheat a Hair Drug Test?

Drug testing has become mandatory in many companies and workplaces. It has also become part of the requirements for academic or sports scholarship.

Some of the reasons why hair drug tests have become so popular is the non-invasive method of sample collection as well as the wide window of time it can screen for drug use. But because of its growing popularity, searches for methods to cheat hair drug tests have also increased.

Because of the demand to pass hair drug tests, there is now a market for products and services that are supposed to help an individual get desirable test results. A simple online search would yield numerous results showing websites claiming to help people beat drug tests. But are these methods effective? Is it really possible to cheat a hair drug test?

Several websites claim that their shampoos or detox solutions can erase drug residue in the hair. Apart from these products, there are also some websites detailing home remedies. The truth is that these methods are not effective as it is virtually impossible to cheat a hair drug test.

For instance, there is no actual scientific basis that can prove the effectiveness of detox shampoos. Despite the claims, and even the seemingly credible step-by-step instructions provided in the websites, research shows that they don’t do anything at all.

In fact, hair analyses are so thorough that they are able to detect not only traces of illicit drugs but also traces of the detox shampoo itself. This makes the individual look even guiltier for trying to cheat the drug test in the first place.

Some people also try to bleach their hair, based on the studies that melatonin can help increase drug level detection. Because melatonin is more abundant in black hair, some people claim that a lighter-colored hair can help them pass hair drug testing.

However, like detox shampoos, this solution is superficial as bleaching does not change the melatonin levels of the hair. Artificial hair coloring cannot dissolve traces of drugs, too, unlike what some people are inclined to believe.

In other words, if you are worried about passing a hair drug test, there is nothing you can do if you really did take illicit drugs. Remember that cheating is detectible, which can just make you look even worse. The best way to pass a hair drug test is to not use drugs at all.


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