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Hitler: DNA Ancestry Testing

Recently, Ancestry DNA testing on Adolf Hitler’s relatives has shed light on the ancestral origins of this historical figure. Ancestry testing can tell you a lot about your deep origins taking you back to your ancient ancestors and also showing you the anthropological regions your are connected with

Hitler wished to exterminate the Jewish race and persecuted them. The Holocaust was, of course, instigated and led by Hitler and has gone down as the worst state- financed mass persecution in history which resulted in the death of some 6 million Jews. The reasons why Hitler detested Jews to such an extent are not clear and there are many possibilities of where his heinous anti-Semitism arose.

Ancestry tests recently carried out on Hitler’s relatives have revealed some rather shocking and surprising news to light. Hitler was of Jewish descent- the race he persecuted and massacred was in his very own blood and genetic makeup. Ironically, he described these races as being sub-human. The DNA research and finding of Hitler’s relatives is the work of two people: Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders and a historian, Marc Vermeeren.

Ancestry DNA testing locates specific haplotypes in one’s genetic makeup. These haplotypes are linked to specific haplogroups- groups of people sharing a lot of similar DNA characteristics and thus, are grouped together.  Hitler’s DNA showed he belonged to the group E1b1b – a group that is very unusual in Western Europe especially in Germany. This group is however, very common amongst African people including Berbers of Morocco and Algeria.

 Hitler’s haplogroup has been found to be one of the major ancestral haplogroups in the origins of the Jewish race.  The first things that springs to mind is how this findings contradicts Hitler’s own belief in a pure Aryan race and how they entirely subvert his obsession on blood and its link to a pure race- one he personally aspired to.

DNA testing can give you a lot of information about your geogenetic heritage. Further Ancestry DNA testing may, perhaps, even give us further insight into Hitler’s origins



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