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easyDNA USA Launches KnowtheGender – its New, Urine Based Baby Gender Prediction DNA Test

easyDNA offers a new gender test using a simple urine sample from the mother. This latest gender prediction test has been described as a “superior” and is being marketed under the brand KnowtheGender.

California (USA), September 25, 2011 – easyDNA, an international DNA testing company, has announced the launch of its new baby gender test as part of its strategy aimed at increasing its portfolio of DNA testing services in order to meet the increasing diversity of tests being requested. The test is now available under its own brand name KnowtheGender.

Unlike conventional tests that require blood, easyDNA offers a test to accurately determine the gender of an unborn child using urine. The test is carried out by a state of the art laboratory and analyzes the fetal DNA found in the maternal urine. The test can be carried out as early as the 9th week of pregnancy. The launch of this test has been targeted at meeting the needs of today’s expectant mothers and couples who want to plan and prepare for their birth of the child as early as possible.

Marketing Executive, Andrew Alexander commented “As a company we consistently seek to expand the number of tests we offer so as to meet a greater range of needs and our gender test is just one. Through our research we found that clients clearly prefer non-invasive forms of sample collection to perform their tests without any compromise in the quality. KnowtheGender meets both these objectives.”

Explaining how the test works, easyDNA confirmed that the test is available worldwide and once an order is placed a kit will be sent directly to the client to proceed with the sample collection. The kit also includes a pre-paid courier return pouch to facilitate sending back the samples without delay. All samples are collected in a urine specimen cup that includes a special solution to preserve the urine.

Commenting further, Mr. Alexander stated “Our urine DNA test for gender prediction that we offer has been shown to be highly accurate – we thus know our future clients can rely fully on their gender testing results to make the decisions they wish to make which might include anything from names to bedroom colour schemes”.

easyDNA Limited is an international company providing reliable, accurate and confidential DNA testing and paternity testing to both the private and public sector through its network of offices all over the world. All paternity testing is performed by an ISO 17025 and AABB accredited laboratory that has conducted over 250,000 home DNA tests and is therefore highly experienced.



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