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EasyDNA tests 30 genetic markers in Food and Pet Sensitivity Test

International DNA testing company EasyDNA adds the Food and Pet Sensitivity Test that analyses 30 genetic markers to its line of health and wellbeing tests.

KENT, United Kingdom – October 18, 2020 – EasyDNA adds the Food and Pet Sensitivity Test to its growing line of health and wellbeing DNA tests that aim to improve people’s quality of life. With over 15 years of experience, the company uses advanced technology and follows high standard protocols to achieve the most accurate results.

The DNA test has three parts. The Food Sensitivity analysis tests the client’s sensitivity to the most common food triggers including lactose, egg, gluten, peanuts, yeast, fish, shellfish, soy, corn, and others. The Pet Dander test looks for genetic markers that cause a person to be more sensitive to pet fur, specifically the tiny particles pets shed. The DNA test also has a test for Histamine that analyses genetic markers which confirm if a person is able to break down excess histamine.

“The introduction of this new test continues to support our strategy of expanding our range of DNA health and wellness tests. These tests are growing in popularity as clients continue investing in their personal health and we are happy to provide tools to help them in this journey,” a company spokesperson stated.

EasyDNA’s Food and Pet Sensitivity Test involves 30 genetic markers (SNPs). The client will undergo an analysis based on their personal genetic information to determine their genetic predisposition to the specific food and pet allergy items triggering their sensitivity. The process is done by collecting saliva samples using oral swabs included in the DNA testing kit the company will be sending.

The test results will be available within 6 weeks after receipt of samples at the laboratory. The client can expect to receive a comprehensive report detailing the allergens they are sensitive to. It will also include a guide with dietary suggestions, food substitutions, and even recommended supplements, empowering the client to be in better control of their health and wellness.

Other health and wellbeing DNA tests offered by EasyDNA are the Diet and Healthy Weight Test, Intolerance Sensitivity Test, and the Gut Microbiome Test.

About EasyDNA

EasyDNA is an international DNA testing company established in 2006 with operations in over 25 countries across the globe. EasyDNA offers a wide DNA testing product portfolio, which includes paternity testing, ancestry testing including our Ancestral Origins™ Ancestry Test, hair drug testing, clinical DNA testing that includes Genetic Predisposition testing, and more. Over the last decade, the company has handled thousands of DNA tests through internationally accredited laboratories holding the highest international accreditations.



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