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EasyDNA Paternity Test Features in Australian Romantic Comedy, Wonderland

wonderlandpngCalifornia, United States – 05/06/15 – International DNA testing company EasyDNA features in Australian Romantic Comedy, Wonderland, a TV series that focuses on the lives of a group of residents living in a Sydney apartment block. EasyDNA is the company chosen to carry out the paternity test on one of the characters in the romantic comedy drama.

The TV series, now in its third season, aired by Australian broadcasting company Network Ten, took Australia by storm with its alluring characters, drama and romantic intrigue. The opening episode of Wonderland attracted 948,000 viewers and is currently being picked up by channels the world over, including the USA and Europe.

The 3rd season episode, which aired on Wednesday the 8th of April, shows one of the main protagonists, Colette, searching online for a DNA paternity testing website. The episode centres around Jade (Mia Pistorius) revealing that she is having Rob’s baby (Ben Mingay), much to the consternation and dismay of Rob’s wife, Colette (Emma Lung). In the episode, Colette is seen browsing the easyDNA Australia website while Rob is taking a shower. While showering, he receives a text message from Jade, containing a picture of his alleged child along with a message saying “good morning Daddy”. Robert smiles upon reading this message, clearly believing he is the true biological father of the child. Fueled by doubts about whether Rob is actually the father of the child, Colette decides to demand a paternity test.

Commenting on the feature, Operations Manager for EasyDNA states that “easyDNA deals with thousands of tests per year and Wonderland’s paternity storyline is a true reflection of the reality of paternity testing that we deal with on a daily basis. People carry out paternity tests, spurred by lingering doubts. They often desperately need answers in order to find closure and be able to move on. Paternity testing does just this, providing the answers to their doubts. A paternity test is really the only reliable and scientific means of establishing whether an alleged father is truly the biological father of a child”. EasyDNA’s Operations Manager also highlights how Colette’s online search for a DNA testing company further reflects just how simple getting such a test is, “DNA testing has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few years, making it increasingly affordable and easy to have a DNA test done with most laboratories offering their tests online. EasyDNA’s sample collection is done by means of a home DNA testing kit. Test participants simply need to rub the swabs found inside the kit on the inside of their mouth for one minute”.

EasyDNA has featured in other Australian TV series and Radio transmissions over the years including the soap opera Home and Away and the News and Current Affairs 2020. Internationally, EasyDNA has appeared on BBC radio broadcasts, Irish soap opera Fair City and most recently on Lithuania’s talk show KK2 Friday, where the company carried out a paternity test on Lithuania’s oldest father. In line with the many TV and radio features and collaborations, a company spokesman states that “we are always excited to feature in TV series and radio shows. It is a great opportunity for brand exposure and enhancing our brand image. This is a channel we will keep pursuing and is part of the implementation of a strategic marketing plan to increase brand awareness and elevate our brand globally, in every country where we operate”.

Wonderland fans are eagerly waiting for the EasyDNA paternity test results to be revealed very soon and know whether Rob is really the father of Jade’s baby.
EasyDNA is a leading international DNA testing service provider with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. EasyDNA sells a vast portfolio of DNA tests including paternity, relationship, prenatal and ancestral origins testing. All tests are carried out by an internationally accredited laboratory holding ISO 17025 and NATA accreditations amongst others.



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