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EasyDNA expands its range of Clinical testing services with the new Celiac Disease Genetic test

International DNA testing company EasyDNA continues to expand its product portfolio by introducing its new Celiac Disease Genetic test which screens an individual’s genes to confirm whether they carry the genes implicated in celiac disease.

Elk Grove, USA October 5, 2017 – EasyDNA’s initiative to launch its new Celiac Disease Genetic test stems from the increase in celiac disease awareness over the past few years. Commenting on this development, the company’s Product Manager stated that “celiac disease has moved from being an unknown and rare disorder to a common disease affecting a more than expected amount of people across the globe. This occurrence has encouraged EasyDNA to start offering its customers an easy and reliable genetic testing service which confirms whether the individual being tested is at risk of developing the disease.”

The company recommends that the client consults with a medical specialist when doing this test. The individual’s DNA will be tested by an accredited laboratory for two specific genes, HLA DQ2 and DQ8, which are commonly found in people with celiac disease. Not having these genes will likely mean you will not develop the disease. It is important to note that our genetic makeup never changes meaning that the Celiac Disease Genetic test is a one-time test.

EasyDNA Product’s Manager final comments were “our product vision for this test is to provide our customers with a helpful result, indicating an early warning about the possibility of developing the disease or giving them peace of mind they are not at a higher risk than the population in general.”

About EasyDNA

EasyDNA is an international DNA testing company established in 2006 with operations in over 25 countries across the globe. EasyDNA offers a wide product portfolio of DNA testing services which include Paternity testing, Relationship testing (through siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents), Prenatal DNA testingClinical DNA testing, Health testing as well as Ancestry testing services. Over the last decade, the company has carried out over 300,000 DNA tests through an internationally accredited laboratory holding ISO 17025 and NATA accreditations amongst others.



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