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easyDNA Ireland featured on Midland 103 Radio

On 21 January 2010, Business Development Director, Mr. Camilleri was interviewed on Radio Midland 103 in Ireland.

The show was discussing a case whereby a man wanted to perform a paternity test prior to the birth of his alleged child. The discussions centred on the options of the man and what he could and could not do. Mr. Camilleri explained the various options available when doing a DNA paternity test, including the difference between a home paternity test and the legal patermity test. He briefly also explained the possibility of performing a prenatal DNA paternity test – which was an option but easyDNA does not currently offer this service.

The interview featuring our easyDNA representative is featured below.

Kevin Camilleri of easyDNA interview on Midlands 103fm by easydna

easyDNA Ireland is part of easyDNA Limited, an international provider of DNA testing services with offices in over 14 countries and offering its services in over five different languages.



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