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easyDNA featured in New Zealand’s Popular 20/20 Show

easyDNA was featured in one of New Zealand’s most popular show 20/20. easyDNA New Zealand was asked to perform a DNA relationship test to establish whether Keith Mitchell has finally found his birth Mother through the use of a DNA Sibling Test with an alleged sibling. Unfortunately the result did not turn out as we had all hoped for but it was a great experience for easyDNA to assist in this story.

Below is an excerpt from the show.

easyDNA performs DNA Testing in 20/20 Series from easyDNA New Zealand on Vimeo.

easyDNA New Zealand is part of easyDNA Limited, an international DNA testing provider offering its services around the world. We offer a wide variety of DNA tests including Paternity Testing and DNA Relationship Testing for the verification of biological relationships between siblings, uncles/aunts and grandparents.



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