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EasyDNA’s Dog Breed test as one of the best Dog DNA Tests by Mashable

EasyDNA is pleased to announce that its Dog Breed DNA testing service has been recognised by internationally renowned digital media website Mashable as one of the top three dog DNA tests in the UK. The article posted by Mashable on their website describes EasyDNA’s canine breed test as “best for budgets” when compared to similar tests offered by other prominent brands such as Embark, Wisdom Panel and DNA My Dog.

Established in 2005, Mashable is an international, multi-platform media and entertainment company. It is the go-to source for technology, digital culture and entertainment content. The brand has a huge dedicated audience around the globe with the Mashable website stating that it has 28 million social media followers and gets a staggering 45 million unique hits and 7.5 million shares per month.

Commenting on the article, the company spokesperson stated, “We are delighted that the Canine Breed test has been listed amongst the best dog testing kits in the British market, especially when considering that our product portfolio covers a wide variety of DNA testing services and we don’t focus solely on DNA testing for dogs. At EasyDNA we will continue to strive towards providing our clients with some of the best services available in the DNA testing market.”



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