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Further DNA testing on remains believed to be Alice Donovan

In a recent statement from Horry County police Sgt. Robert Kegler, it was revealed that the remains of a body believed to be that of missing person Alice Donovan, have been sent to Texas for further DNA testing.

According to Kegler, the bones are being sent to the University of North Texas because “it has had a higher success rate at DNA extraction of smaller bones.’’ The tests are expected to take a month to complete after bone fragments and skeletal remains were found in January.

Donovan’s body has never been found since her abduction from a Wal-Mart car park back in November 2002, however, Chadruck Fulks, who is on death row for the abduction of Donovan, did lead searchers to a wooded area where human remains were found.

After his arrest for her abduction, he sent a letter to Monica Caison, founder of the Community United Effort group, a Wilmington, N.C., volunteer organization that searches for missing people, detailing where her remains could be found.

Family members are eagerly awaiting the results of the latest DNA tests, in the hope that they can finally put this painful business behind them.

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