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easyDNA Creates DNA Testing Fund for Social Cases in the UK

easyDNA establishes  charitable fund through which it will provide discounted services to organizations in the UK handling welfare related cases requiring DNA testing.

Kent, UK –  06/07/2010 – easyDNA, a leading provider of DNA testing services worldwide, has announced that it has created a special in-house ‘Social Fund’ whose objective is to provide discounted services to public and private organizations handling child welfare cases. More specifically, easyDNA will be looking to assist in cases requiring services, such as DNA paternity testing, where official identification of a known relative is required. The fund is aimed at helping those families that may have difficulty paying for such services.

As stated by Andrew Alexander, Sales and Marketing Director, “Over the years easyDNA has worked with a number of organizations and social workers handling sensitive child welfare cases.  We have always tried to help these organizations by providing a discounted service together with our excellent levels of service which is has always been part of easyDNA’s culture”.  Further to this, Mr Alexander adds “the help provided was previously done on an ad hoc basis. We are now looking to formalize this procedure and ensure we can give the best value to these organizations which provide a social service which, besides providing relief and assistance to the individuals involved, benefits the community as well.”

easyDNA has been involved in a number of varied social cases which include issues of child maintenance where the alleged father refuses to honour his maintenance obligations, as well as cases where the alleged father is willing to come forward and take responsibility for the child. In tragic events where the mother is deceased and the putative father has not yet been proven to be the biological father of the child, a DNA paternity test can be the last hope for bringing the family together and providing the much needed support of the remaining parent to the child.

Following discussions with several stakeholders, the company is planning to offer heavily discounted services to these organizations so as to enable them to maximize their budgets, and process as many cases requiring DNA testing as possible.  As further commented by an easyDNA spokesperson, “We hope that by providing the possibility of DNA testing at a cheaper price we will also encourage its use.  We can confidently say that from our experience in handling many diverse cases, DNA testing can be an important tool in helping to assist and conclude such welfare cases.”

As confirmed by a social case worker who has used easyDNA’s paternity testing service, “I think a reduction in price would make social workers more eager to request DNA testing in cases where it is deemed necessary. The DNA test I carried out provided my client and his father with the answers they needed. I was very happy with the service provided, it was quick and efficient. I found it to be very easy process.”

Any organization interested in taking advantage of this offer will need to apply directly at easyDNA on behalf of their clients with details of their particular case. Once the application is vetted, easyDNA will confirm that the case is eligible for the discounted service. All cases are treated in the strictest of confidence.



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