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DNA Testing – DIY Sampling

Advances in DNA technology allowing people to order DNA tests online and collect samples themselves using a DNA test kit, mean that it is very important that guidelines are adhered to when it comes to sampling.

The majority of people wanting a DNA test will normally do it privately. In some circumstances the national health services or a other government department will order a test but the likelihood is that you will need to carry it out yourself. Unless a DNA test has legal bearing and samples need to be collected by a doctor, you will need to take your own samples using a DNA home testing kit, and it is of vital importance that you do so correctly.

In most cases, it is cheaper and easier to use a DNA home testing kit. You can take the samples in the comfort of your own home and send them through the post. Even for certain legal procedures, a kit can be sent to your selected clinic or GP and they can be responsible for collecting the samples.

DNA Test Samples – When Must A Doctor Be Present?

If you have any doubts or concerns over taking your own samples for a DNA test, you can ask a doctor to take them for you; however this is a cost that can be avoided. If you are taking a DNA test purely for peace of mind, you don’t need anyone present when you take the samples, however, this changes if a test is being taken as part of a legal process. In those circumstances you would need to nominate a medical professional to take your samples for you, as it is imperative that it can be proved the samples were not tampered with. Failure to do so could result in the test results being discredited.

How Simple Is It To Take A Sample?

If you are ordering your own DNA test online, you will sent your sampling kit in the post. A typical kit will come with simple to use instructions, detailing the exact way to take and store your samples. You will be provided with special oral swabs, which you brush on the inside of your cheeks. These must be allowed to dry thoroughly, making sure that tip of swab doesn’t touch anything else, especially your own hand. This will ensure samples are not contaminated and guarantee accurate results. You must take two samples for each person being testing, in case of difficulty extracting in DNA from one swab, there will be a second to try.

Once the swabs have been left to dry for an hour or so, they can be carefully placed in envelopes provided, correctly labelled, and sealed. The whole procedure can take literally a few minutes if done properly, meaning you can post back the samples immediately.



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