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easyDNA Launches DNA Testing in Ukraine

International DNA testing firm easyDNA has extended its services in Eastern Europe by setting up operations in Ukraine, working in collaboration with a leading IVF and infertility centre in Kiev.

Kiev, Ukraine – 10 MAY 2011 – easyDNA , a leading DNA testing firm has recently set up operations in Ukraine in collaboration with BioTex Limited, a leading IVF and infertility centre based in the capital city of Kiev. The launch is in line with the expansion of easyDNA into Eastern Europe and closely followed the launch of easyDNA Czech earlier this year.

The new venture will operate as easyDNA Ukraine and will be offering the complete portfolio of DNA testing services already offered by easyDNA world-wide; these test include DNA paternity testing, various relationship DNA tests, forensic DNA testing, prenatal paternity testing, gender DNA testing as well as genetic health testing.

In order to promote and support the venture, a dedicated website, www.easydnaukraine.com , was set up to provide Ukrainian clients with relevant information on the various aspects of DNA testing. Clients can also select which test is more appropriate for their case and order directly online directly online via a secure credit card payment system. Interested parties will also be able to discuss their case and requirements with highly trained personnel based at the centre in Kiev. The website offers clients the option to be called back by easyDNA’s customer support team to discuss their case.

Sample collection kits are sent directly to the client’s chosen address once the order has been confirmed on via the company website or directly through the administration centre. This is the standard system used by easyDNA  which enables clients to receive their kit anywhere in Ukraine and collect their own samples from the comfort of their own home. The home paternity test is expected to be the service most in demand.

Commenting on the new venture, Oleg Ivanovich, The Chief of the International Marketing Department of BioTex Limited stated, “When wanted to provide paternity testing through an organization that just like ours values quality and professionalism. We are therefore extremely pleased to be collaborating with easyDNA and as we believe that the company shares our same core principals. We indeed look forward to merging our marketing synergies to further promote the DNA testing market in the Ukraine.”

Apart from developing online visibility, easyDNA Ukraine has also embarked on an advertising campaign to generate greater awareness about DNA testing services and the availability of these tests at affordable prices. Discussions are also to be held with local organizations in the field to further the knowledge and understanding about DNA testing.

Commenting on this development, Sales and Marketing Director Andrew Alexander, stated, “We are very pleased to collaborate with BioTex because, besides their professionalism, they are also a nationally recognized centre in the field of reproductive medicine. We look forward to bringing together their invaluable experience of the Ukrainian market with our expertise in DNA testing. easyDNA understands the market is still relatively unfamiliar with DNA testing however, as we have seen all around the world, the awareness of DNA tests such as paternity testing is growing.”



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