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Discrete | Terms and Conditions

If you intend sending a discreet DNA sample for your DNA test then we recommend you read the following information for your guidance. Contact us directly to discuss your case and obtain a quote.

Discreet DNA Samples – Guidelines and Terms

The following guidelines and terms should be read in advance of sending your discreet DNA samples for your DNA test. Contact us in advance to discuss your case with our technical experts.

  1. The prices shown on the Forensic DNA Test page for each type of discreet sample are in addition to the normal cost of the DNA test you have selected.
  2. Once the DNA is successfully extracted, this can then be used for any of our DNA tests. The type of sample submitted will not effect the accuracy of the results as, once the DNA is extracted, it is the same regardless of the sample it is obtained from.
  3. DNA testing using discreet samples can be used only for curiosity purposes since it is not normally possible to verify the source of the sample. Only in cases where it is possible to verify the source of the sample and a strict chain of custody procedure has been observed then the sample may be admissible in a court of law.
  4. EasyDNA cannot unconditionally guarantee successful analysis of these samples. Of course, based on the experience of the ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, every attempt will be made to provide you with the results you require. Payment is required even where it was not possible to obtain a DNA Profile.
  5. Discounts for sending more than one discreet DNA sample may apply and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Forensic testing results are normally available in around 7-10 working days but is case dependent.
  7.  We are unable to test samples belonging to any test participants without their informed consent. Any test participant submitting a DNA sample must sign our consent form authorizing us to test their sample. Children under the legal age of consent can have their legal guardian or parent/s sign on their behalf.
  8. We also require that the person from which the DNA sample has been collected be made fully aware of what their DNA sample will be used for. The absence of any form of refusal, comment or assent does not signify consent.

If you are considering sending a discreet DNA sample, contact us in advance to confirm the costs and any other technical issues relating to your case.

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