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Why is my DNA test result delayed?

A DNA test result is accurate and reliable whether you have done a paternity DNA test or an infidelity test or any other related test. The company which is doing the laboratory analysis for you will also give you an accurate turnaround time within which to expect your results; the turnaround time is calculated as from the day your samples are received at the laboratory.

Reasons for DNA test result delays

• Problems with the consent forms: in each kit there is a consent form which requires all test participants to fill in some details such as name, surname and date of birth as well as their signature. If any samples are received and there is no signature on the consent form for the samples, then the test cannot go ahead and the paternity test result may be delayed. You will need to be sent a new consent form and add the necessary signature.

• Problems with the swabs: In the case of a paternity test, the standard test involves testing of the father and child’s DNA samples. There is often an added charge for the mother’s samples. However, DNA test kits are packed with swabs for mother, father and child. If you paid for father and child and include the mother’s samples, testing will likely have already commenced using the mother’s samples and you will thus have to pay for it.

• Delaying DNA test results because of incorrect sample collection: DNA samples are taken using mouth swabs because these are extremely simple to use. However, you need to follow a few simple steps and follow the instructions supplied in the DNA test carefully; these include not eating, drinking or smoking for an hour before your sample collection session. If you forget to follow any of the advice given you your samples may be contaminated or degraded and thus, be useless for testing.

In such cases you will have to re-sample and re-send another batch of swabs. Another related issue involves the rare occasions in which one of the swabs you provide does not provide sufficient DNA. DNA testing companies normally send two swabs per person exactly for this reason – should one swab not have enough DNA, the second swabs can be tested. However, this may delay your DNA test result.

Other reasons for delays with paternity test results

Paternity DNA test results will be sent to you by email (unless you specify receiving a hard copy by post). In some cases, results may be sent to you but end up in your spam folder rather than your inbox. Moreover, paternity results are not sent to all test participants but only to the person who has ordered the test. If you wish to receive a copy of the results, the person who has ordered the test has to organize this with the DNA testing company.

It is rare to have any delays in your DNA test result. However, this can happen and such delays are out of the control of the DNA testing company.  All errors or delays can be worked through and the company will be happy to advise you regarding on what to do in such circumstances.



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