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Which Celebrities used Paternity DNA test kits to solve Paternity disputes?

When it comes to celebrities, Paternity tests have either unveiled scandals or have sent a wave of excitement, not just in a superstar’s life but all the admirers and critics who have followed them. A paternity test confirms the biological parent and child. In the last few years, while many celebrities have displayed their consent for the paternity test, at the same time, others have resolved to avoid it.


The former Belgian King – Albert II, after trying to escape DNA testing for so long, has finally agreed for it, relieving Delphine Boel – who claims to be his love child. The case, though a decade old, has set Belgium abuzz. 51-year-old Delphine, who had been trying to prove her parentage for so long, was stuck between Albert’s acceptance and denials. However, the long-awaited question will finally be answered by this paternal test.

The thing with paternity tests is that it involves two parties, and it cannot be carried unless both the child and the biological parent show consent. However, the child’s opinion can be neglected under certain circumstances. The parent still plays a significant role in this test.

Another case that hasn’t failed to grab our attention involved one of the girls from the biggest girl band in history and the greatest Hollywood comic. Melanie Brown and Eddie Murphy, who started dating after the latter’s divorce in 2006, had heated disagreements when Brown revealed that she was pregnant. After continuous refusals from Murphy, she finally filed a suit. Even after Murphy’s strong claims that he is not the father, the test proved otherwise.

The biggest advantage of Postnatal and Prenatal Paternity tests, as historically proven, is that they give the child an official title. The child can enjoy his or her deserved rights and can build emotional bonds.

Diego Maradona – considered as the greatest Argentina footballer by many writers, footballers, and players, had a son he wasn’t aware of. He once claimed that he only had two children with his ex-wife. The paternity test, on the other hand, revealed that he was the father of eight children.

A Paternity test is the most accurate way to prove who the father is. It can show that a man is highly likely to be the father with about 99.9%accuracy, or that he is excluded as being the father with 100% accuracy.

That’s why Jude Law, a famous British actor, requested a DNA Paternity test from the model – Samantha Burke. However, the model always insisted that Jude is the father; Jude wanted to be 100% certain and didn’t want to take any risk. Considering the highly reliable track-record of DNA Paternity tests, they surely give you peace of mind. In the modern world, they are very helpful.

Elizabeth Hurley and multi-millionaire Steve Bing couldn’t escape the list as the DNA Paternal test for them embarked a new journey. Bing, who initially disputed and accused Hurley of having multiple partners, was assured when the paternity test proved that he was the father. Bing now is really supportive of the child’s upbringing. However, this was not the end. Bing became the centre of another paternity case, against which he sued Kerkorian for the invasion of privacy. It is important to note that a paternity test is an emotive and contentious area of consent.

Another story that caught everyone staring at their phones for updates was regarding Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s newborn son Archie. Even though for a little time, but the question got everyone appalled. The confusion was a result of initial DNA tests which raised doubt if Harry was the father. However, further tests confirmed that he indeed is.

The seeds of doubt can grow anywhere. It is better to go for a Paternity test if parentage is in question. A simple swab on a cotton bud can be all it takes to conduct a child DNA test. If it’s needed, one should go for it.

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