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Justin Bieber: Latest on Paternity Testing Lawsuit

The paternity test lawsuit against Justin Bieber filed Mariah Yeater has been dropped. But what is going to happen now remains somewhat unclear- it seems the paternity DNA test is in fact still going to be carried out as the Canadian pop sensation wishes to dispel every single doubt, not matter how small, as to the allegations made by Yeater.

Will Justin Bieber take a Paternity Test?
Will Justin Bieber take a Paternity Test?

Yeater gave birth to a baby boy she claims Justin Fathered last July. She claimed the timing matched perfectly with her brief and only encounter with Bieber after a concert and that timing of the birth made it clear that only Bieber could be the father. Contradicting her claims, is her X boyfriend who said that Yeater had initially told him that he was the father of the baby.

Yeater has dropped the claims and the lawsuit and is apparently aiming for an out-of-court paternity test. She has been adamant that Bieber is the father and that the paternity test result will confirm her suspicions. Bieber’s representatives and Bieber himself have denied Bieber’s claims from the very start.

A paternity DNA test is today acknowledged as being the only means to confirm the paternity of a child. Paternity DNA testing is so accurate that can leave no doubt as to the issue. Would would most likely happen in this scenario is that Bieber would provide his own DNA samples to be compared against those of the baby he allegedly fathered. Yeater, as the mother, would probably also be encouraged to include her DNA samples in the test so as to provide a more accurate result.

If Bieber is not the father of the child, he will be excluded with a 100% probability. If Justin Bieber goes ahead with the paternity test and if we get to see the results is still to be seen.



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