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4 Helpful Tips for New Fur Parents

Owning a pet means committing to new responsibilities. Now that you are a new pet owner, here are some helpful tips to make you the best fur parent you can be!

1. Find a good veterinarian.

The first and probably most important step you need to take as a new pet parent is to connect with a good, highly-recommended veterinarian. It helps to visit a few, too, in order to assess which veterinary clinic you and your pet like best. Aside from having glowing recommendations and brilliant accreditations, it is also important to find a vet that you can freely talk with during consultations regarding your pet’s health and well-being.

2. Get animal DNA testing services.

Once you find a good vet for your pet, it also helps to look for a reliable DNA testing facility that offers animal testing services. This is especially helpful if you have adopted a rescue animal with little to no known medical history. By having your pet tested, you will gain access to vital information such as its breed or breed mix, genetic health and age, as well as the illnesses that the breed or breed mix is susceptible to having.

3. Create a health and wellness plan.

It is clear that you will have to work closely with your vet, especially during the beginning because this is the time to create a health and wellness plan that suits your pet. Armed with the essential information presented in your DNA test report, you and your vet can identify the areas of your pet’s health that need to be addressed. This plan will also include your vet’s recommended diet and exercise regimen.

4. Have your pet microchipped.

Finally, it is also very helpful to consider having your new pet microchipped. Microchips are implanted into pets and will track them in the event that they run off. Ask your pet shelter if your pet is already microchipped. If not, ask your vet for it.


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